The Canadian Traveller’s Guide to the US Government Shutdown

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Unless you were under a rock with no internet connection, you know that the US government is shutdown with no plan in sight as of today October 6th, 2013.

We’ve been getting a lot of question from those of you planning to travel to the US soon. Should you wait? Should you postpone your vacation? Should you pick another destination instead? It really depends on what you’re planning to do. At this point, nobody is sure when the government will start operating again.

But to help you with the decision, here are 3 things you need to know:

1- Border services and airports are operating normally

For the most part, your air or land travel won’t be affected since most of air control, border and security services are considered to be essential services and are exempt from the rules of government shutdown.

2- Most attractions and sightseeing spots won’t be open

If you were planning on visiting attractions, museums, national parks or iconic sightseeing spots like the Statue of Liberty, you’re out of luck. All those attractions do not fall under the essential services category and will be shutdown until the government is running again. It’s important to note though that only federal-run attractions will be affected (401 sites in total).

3- Attractions run by individual states will be open

Most American states are currently promoting different attractions and sites that are state-run and are not affected by the shutdown, so you might want to consider adding those to your itinerary instead of the closed attraction you might miss out on.

For more information about this, I recommend visiting individual state tourism websites like VisitCalifornia, VisitFlorida, …etc


 *Image courtesy of Flickr user cool revolution
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